We have traffic problems, bike lane sharing problems, student overcrowding problems, the 3rd highest homelessness in the nation, we are 47th in the nation for classroom over crowding we have obscene housing prices, and the property taxes that go with them. We can’t remedy all those things today, but working together, looking at our problems and facing them one by one, for what they are, I am confident we will find a remedy to each and every one of them.


The 34th district is one that has millionaires on the beach and yet people living on the streets. We need to find solutions that cure that disparity. Seattle and the region are working hard to solve this problem and I’ll do the same at the state level. Housing is becoming a state issue. It’s not my goal to simply have a food bank for the homeless to stand in line and get something to feed their families but how about giving them the tools to provide adequately for their families. So they can get food anywhere they want.


Seattle, West Seattle in particular needs strong educational opportunities and they need to be properly funded. Our Pre-K through Grade 12 schools are pillars the community but so are our great city colleges, technical schools, union apprenticeship programs, and our four year institutions. I’ll work to make sure they have the resources they need to serve all of our community members. A strong community is built by the people who serve in it, live in it, and love it – and that includes teachers! It is my goal to not only expose the achievement gap between white students and students of color as this is important, but to also partner with the appropriate people to remedy this problem.


We need to stop giving tax breaks to huge corporations with no way to get that money back if they don’t follow through on the deal. And yes, we need to fix our broken and regressive tax system. The big corporations should pay taxes on par with the rest of us. However, making them pay more is a walk on a tight rope. It is no secret that they have proven to threaten to leave town and take their revenue somewhere else. Taxing big corporations more than their fair share has failed before and always costs the middle class living wage jobs. We must find economic solutions to remedy our concerns so that there is that collective balance, which creates income equality here in Seattle.